Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Moving house. Finding forgotten things, like receipts, bits of string I thought would be useful one day, old love letters and this sketch of Rachel. She'd come in for a chin-wag and then had a snooze on my bed. Pretty much sums up living together (aside from the wall climbing, dancing and bed-diving). I'll miss our housematey times. Change is good. You keep with you the things that matter. Recycle the things that don't. I keep thinking of a Douglas Adams quote at the moment, I can't remember it exactly but it's along the lines of - 'ask yourself, does it matter? And if it matters, does it matter that it matters?'
It's late and I'm talking shit.

Friday, February 04, 2011

One Last Thing

I often find creative highs right before I have to stop. Last thing at night, over the dregs of my coffee, the final minutes of lunchtime. Like right now I'm avoiding going to bed. I don't know why, I'm exhuasted. These are a few sketches done right before I had to do something else.
Nightsun. Drawn whilst listening to this on repeat.

Ladies lunching in the winter sun.

Three beautiful Somalian women in Boston Tea Party. I love the shapes of their faces. 

Art lovers at the Tate Modern.

And it's life drawing time again. A little rusty after such a long break. For a brief moment all the planets aligned and I was able to squeeze this one out. The moment passed and ineptitude returned. I shall be going again next week with the aim to get better.