Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm still drawing

Don't let the lack of update let you think any differently. I've been working crazy hours for 6 months as a junior animator here at Aardman. It's been fantastic, but not left a lot of time for blogging. Only just coming out of the coma now, looking back through the scribbles made in Dailies and drawing up ideas. So there's more on the way.
Oh yes!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Moving house. Finding forgotten things, like receipts, bits of string I thought would be useful one day, old love letters and this sketch of Rachel. She'd come in for a chin-wag and then had a snooze on my bed. Pretty much sums up living together (aside from the wall climbing, dancing and bed-diving). I'll miss our housematey times. Change is good. You keep with you the things that matter. Recycle the things that don't. I keep thinking of a Douglas Adams quote at the moment, I can't remember it exactly but it's along the lines of - 'ask yourself, does it matter? And if it matters, does it matter that it matters?'
It's late and I'm talking shit.

Friday, February 04, 2011

One Last Thing

I often find creative highs right before I have to stop. Last thing at night, over the dregs of my coffee, the final minutes of lunchtime. Like right now I'm avoiding going to bed. I don't know why, I'm exhuasted. These are a few sketches done right before I had to do something else.
Nightsun. Drawn whilst listening to this on repeat.

Ladies lunching in the winter sun.

Three beautiful Somalian women in Boston Tea Party. I love the shapes of their faces. 

Art lovers at the Tate Modern.

And it's life drawing time again. A little rusty after such a long break. For a brief moment all the planets aligned and I was able to squeeze this one out. The moment passed and ineptitude returned. I shall be going again next week with the aim to get better.