Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You know you're not in Bristol anymore when

the only cider on tap is Strongbow. I'm away from my lovely city for a couple of weeks and I'm suprised how much I miss it. I've been called to the big smoke for work which I'm both thoroughly enjoying and unable to talk about. Which is how I imagine Glastonbury was for those lucky 230,000 people; unspeakable fun.
Just a couple of sketches to bridge the ever increasing gap between story installments. (it's a biggun and taking a while to finish!) Here I tried to up my use of black, slightly happier with the second sketch and moreso with subsequent drawings for work. I'm drawing more and more on paper and falling out of favour with my cintiq. I took the wee beasty into work, plugged it in and then continued on paper. I had a whale of a time with my markers and felt far more content than usual. Maybe they spike the water up here. Yahoo.

 A cameo from the Bristol Wills Building on the Triangle. Drawn from a cafe on the last morning in Bris. I enjoyed working into the black with the markers and making the line bleed a little.

And you know you're in Greater London when parks are fenced with iron and cower beneath the watchful eye of local council decisions circa 1985. I walked around the perimeter for 5 minutes trying to get in! I grew up around here but it's funny what you notice when you come back.
I probably won't live in Bristol forever but I think I've lost a little piece of my heart to the West Country that I'll never get back. Which is ok with me.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It's fun to be an outsider and observe situations but I find it a bit upsetting to see unhappy people in forceably happy surroundings. I always want to take them home and make them a cup of tea.